Both carnivores and parasites depend on other animals for food. In what way is a carnivore different from a parasite?

The main difference between carnivores and parasites are :
carnivores eat dead animals but parasites steal food from living animal or plants
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carnivores are animals that eats fleash of dead animals as compared to parasites live inside the body of other living animals n eat the food after it has been digested by the animals.
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Carnivores are different from parasites as :- 
  • carnivores animals like lion,tiger hunt for other animals and parasites like vulture eat the remains of other animals.
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  CARNIVORES eat the flesh of other animals . eg- lion,tiger . PARASITES suck the nutrients from their host that may be plant or animal . eg- leech
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Carnivores hunt,kill and eat whereas parasites live inside or on the body of living organisms for their food.
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Carnivores hunt , kill and then eat animals but parasites live in or on a organism's body for its food
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Carnivore eat the flesh of other animal and parasites suck the nutrients from organisms
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carnivores eat flesh while parasites drink blood.
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