Bread and cakes were an integral part of Goan life, in olden days. Based on your
reading of the ?A Baker from Goa?, describe the Goan cidture.

Dear Student,
Bread is a significant piece of Goan life. Marriage blessings are pointless without the sweet bread known as the bol. For a gathering, bread is an unquestionable requirement, while for Christmas, cakes and 'Bolinhas(Bolinas)' are an absolute necessity. Sandwiches must be set up by the woman of the house on her girl's commitment. The creator says that everyone adores the scent of portions. The older folks were given portions and the youngsters were given bread-bangles, which they ached for. Likewise, the way that pastry shop is a beneficial calling shows that the adoration for bread is colossal in Goa. 

The most mainstream festivities in the Indian province of Goa are Ganesh Chaturthi (Chavoth-Konkani), Diwali, Christmas (Natalam - Konkani), Easter (Paskanchem Fest - Konkani), Samvatsar Padvo, Shigmo and the Carnival (Carnaval or Intruz - Konkani). Goa is also famous for its New Year's festivals. The Goan Carnival is known to draw in countless travellers. 

Some customary Goan move structures are Dekhnni, Fugdi, and Corridinho. Western Social Dancing is a piece of most festivals.

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