brief character sketch of Mr Lamb and Derek


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Mr. Lamb is not the kind to give up so easily. He epitomizes positivism, a live example of how life’s blessings are to be counted even if others may think God has been unkind to him. Having lost one leg in a war, an army-veteran as he is, this tragic mishap doesn’t set him back. Not wasting time in wallowing in self- pity or cursing destiny’s cruel mechanisms, he emerges wiser than ever. A wider philosophy of life keeps him anchored to his soul. His heart throws open the gates of his garden and his house to all and sundry. Left with no job, he takes to making jellies and jams from garden apples. Listening to the humming of the bees soothes his soul’s agony, and the reading good books keeps him pepped up all through. All that he craves now is the company of some children. But even an all-accepting, cheery attitude towards everybody does nothing to awaken others’ sensitivity towards him. Children call him lamey-lamb, elders don’t allow them to get a brush with him, calling him insane. His physical disability was a trifle before the alienation he is subjected to. Yet, the song of life doesn’t elude him, bees never fail to make him laugh. He stays enlightened, people’s snobbish mocks doesn’t flicker his flame. No wonder, Derry got ignited by his equanimity.
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