Briefly describe the aftermath of Booker's Atlanta Exposition Address.

Booker was congratulated by all those present at his address, Governor Bullock rushed across the stage to shake his hand. Wherever Booker went after that, he was recognised and praised for the intent, content and delivery of his Atlanta Exposition address. he was recognised at the railway stations, with people waiting to congratulate and applaud him. The newspapers lauded his words as some of the most effective in trying to cement the relationships between the white race and the Negroes. He was approached by lecture bureaus and other institutions to spare time to address congregations there and was offered hearty sums of money. But, Booker declined, saying his work was in Tuskegee. He forwarded a copy of his address to the president of the United States, Hon. Grover Cleveland who replied that he hoped people of both black and white race would follow his words.

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