Briefly describe the character sketch of algu chowdry from the ch fair play' honeysuckle

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Algu Chaudhary a village moneylender, is a kind and sympathetic man. He is good friends with Jumman Sheikh. When Jumman's aunt approaches him with her complaint, he gives a fair and just verdict. It is evident that Algu gave reverence and respect to his elders. His friendship for Jumman does not make him partial or biased. His sense of fairness rules his decisions. He does not behave poorly even when Jumman gets upset with him. He accepts his friend back with open arms towards the end when Jumman realises how justice is above relationships.


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Algu chaudhary was a true friend of jumman sheikh. he is a kind man. he is a character of the story panch parmeshwar. as we know that in the case of the khala, he supported the truth instead of his best friend, this shows his truthfulness. jumman got angry and he broke their friendship. they were enemies now. algu chaudhary was also a good friend, and a leader too. in the case of the cow, the man chooses jumman sheikh, b'coz now he got to know that jumman was algu's enemy. but, jumman also supported the truth. and so they became friends again.....

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