Briefly discuss the condition of the Indian economy at the time of independence. What can you interpret about state of Indian economy (1)Backward or developing, (2)Stagnant or vibrant, (3)Agricultural or industrial?

The state of Indian economy at the eve of independence is already given by our expert. Follow the given link to view the same.

The Indian economy was 1) Backward, 2) Stagnant and 3) Agricultural at that time.

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The state of the indian economy at the time of independence was pathetic. the britishers looted the valuable resources of india and left us in a state of misery. the society was backward and was not at all developing. the indian economy was stagnant and the indians heavily depended upon agriculture during the time of independence. hope my answer helped you.

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The state of teh indian economy at the time of  independence was capricious and mostly beyond the inexpectations of a developing country that is our country was under the catagory of "Backward and seveloping". As more than 75% of the population had blindly became the followers of agriculture due to the scarcity of first the money and the people who had it were completely unaware of the correct way of using it. It was under this threatening condition for almost a decade in the urban areas and the condition is the same presently at some rural areas, not only this there were many other factors promoting in the favour of further degadation of the state of economy.

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BacBackward economy is cool
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