. Briefly explain the different qualities displayed by the poet’s parents towards the attack by the scorpion? CHAPTER-THE NIGHT OF THE SCORPION BY NISSIM EZEKIEL

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When the poet's mother got bitten by a scorpion accidently, she writhed in pain for twenty four hours. Her husband who is apparently a rational and skeptic person, was the least superstitious among all the peasants who attended her wife. While the villagers were ignorant and relied on prayers and chants to cease the suffering, the poet's father resorted to all possible, sensible ways to cure his wife. He made use of medicinal herbs and hybrids thereof, attempting to alleviate the pain. He also set fire to the wound upon pouring paraffin onto it. He desperately tried all means and had to give in to villagers will of praying, chanting and maintaining faith in the end. Maybe under different circumstances, he would have tried to get medical aid.
The poison eventually dissolved in her blood, losing its effect and she got better after much suffering. And the first thing she did was thank the almighty for sparing her children. This brings out the selfless love of a mother for her children and undying spirit of motherhood.


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