briefly explain the statement 'wrongly debited by the bank' with the help of an example.

 see......"wrongly debited by the bank" means this is an error done by Bank in pass book...... in they had wrongly debited ....debited means taken out from tha pass book....or u cn say withdrwn from d pass book....
This can be Rectified BY....IF U R mking B.R.S as Per cash Book,,,,,,,den amt that has been deducted/debited dat should  be nw added to the pass book side,,,,,to balance both.......n if u r mking as pass book bal.den u shld deduct frm cash book.... 

  • 2 is it lyk...the bank was actually supposed to credit it?

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In this situation the bank has made a wong entry inour pass book. Actually the bank has to credit our account. In terms of passbook dr. means it is our expenses,i.e., bank had paid for something on behalf of us from our account. and cr. means just its opposite. 

          Thus, for ex- If rs. 1000 was wrongly debited by bank, then this means our bank bal. is deducted by 1000 rs. But in reality, we had recieved this amt,  SO, the effect will be cash book increase and passbook decrease by 1000 rs.

    Hope it is clear to u..!!!!  

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