briefly explain three functions of statistics

The following are some of the important functions of statistics.

1. Presents data in a simplified form: With the help of statistical tools, a large and complex data can be presented in a simple and understandable form.

2. Gives a definite form to the facts:Statistics allows the conclusions of a research or study to be presented in numerical form. This gives the conclusions a definite quality.

3. Facilitates comparison: Data can be easily compared using statistical tools such as averages, percentages and ratios. Comparison of data helps us in drawing important economic conclusions. For instance, a comparison of the average incomes in rural areas and in urban areas helps us in drawing conclusions relating to regional inequality in income.

4. Guides in the formulation of theories and policies:Policies on various economic matters such as wages and prices are formed on the basis of statistical data. Statistics forms the basis for the formulation and testing of theories.

5. Helps in forecasting:Statistical techniques help in forecasting and predicting the future behaviour of various variables such as market situations.

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Didi ek and ko ek brr three distinct components wala tha na usko ek brr aap re check kr ke de do air what is scarcity ka ans re chrck kr ke dedo
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