Bring out instances of social satire in the tale of a melon city

Dear student 

There are several ideas and concepts that are satirised in the poem 'Melon City'. In order to do so, the poet has created characters that are extremely stupid. For example, the wise man, who is only wise because of his age, announces that someone must be punished for building the arch too low. Following a series of events, the king himself is hanged, even though, being the king, he could have stopped it. After the death of the king, the ministers, who are equally stupid, decide that the next person to walk under the arch can decide who the next king will be. As it happens, an idiot walks under it and proclaims a melon to be the next King. The satire is depicted through these three instances, and in each case, the wise man, the king and the ministers, we see that they act without thinking about the consequences of their actions. Although this is an extreme example, the poet is trying to tell us that just as these three characters are stupid, so are some of the rulers in our own modern day society. He uses satire to warn us about thoughtless leaders, who will lead us into trouble. 


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