Bunty and Bubly go for jogging every morning Bunty goes around a square Park of side 80 m and Bubly goes around a rectangular Park with length 90 M and breadth 60 M if they both take three rounds who covers more distance and by how much?

Dear Student
Bunty goes around square park of length 80m
Bubly goes around the rectangular park of length 90m and breadth 60m
Perimeter of the square park = 4a =4*80 =320 m
Perimeter of rectangular park =2(l+b) =2(90+60)= 300 m
Given they take three rounds 
Therefore distance covered by Bunty = 3*320=960m
Distance covered by Bubly =3*300 = 900m
 therefore Bunty covers more distance and  =  60m


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