Calculate the charge on a body of surface area 100 cm2 if it has surface density of charge 5 stat coulomb/ cm2

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surface charge density, σ=5 stat coulomb/cm2surface area, A=100 cm2We know that,σ=qAq=5×100=500 stat coulomb1 stat coulomb=3.335×10-10 C500 stat coulomb=500×3.335×10-10 C500 stat coulomb=1.667×10-7 C

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i did this by converting 5statcoulomb/cm2 into coulomb//cm2( approx 1.6)
hence surf. charge = 1.6C/cm2
​GT. A= 100cm2

​hence charge  = (Surf.charge) * Area
= 1.6*100 = 160C


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the surf. charge denisty will be 1.6 x 10^-9

replace the value of Surf. charge density in the formula and obtain the charge


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