Calculate the de Broglie wavelength of (i) an electron (in the hydrogen atom) moving with a speed of  1 100 of the speed of light in vacuum and (ii) a ball of radius 5 mm and mass 3 × 10–2 kg moving with a speed of 100 ms–1. Hence show that the wave nature of matter is important at the atomic level but is not really relevant at the macroscopic level.

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λ=hmv de brogile eqn.λ=6.32*10-349.1*10-31×3*106=0.23*10-9=2.3 angstromii we are going to find the wavelength for the ball and compare with radius of ball.λ=6.32*10-343*10-2×100=2.11*10-34 mm so its a very small value in compare to the radius of 0.005 m so thats why de brogile wavelegth has no significance for the macroscopic level .Regards

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