Calculate the number of coulombs required for oxidation of 1 mole of water to oxygen.

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The oxidation of water to oxygen is a 4-electron process:

2 H2O (l) → O2 (g) + 4 H+ (aq) + 4 e−

From the above reaction we can say that, 4 moles of electron is required to oxidise 2 moles of water, hence for 1 mole of water we require 2 moles of electrons. ‚ÄčAs we know that, 1 mole of electrons has the charge of 96487 C , then in 2 mole of electrons we have = 2 x 96487 = 192974 C.

Hence, we require 192974 Coulomb of charge to oxidise 1 mole of water to oxygen.

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