camel in its hump stores 1)booth fat and water for emergency 2)fat and proteins as reserve food for emergency which option is more apppropriate

None of the options are correct.
Camel's hump does not store water. It stores water in its blood stream. The hump stores fats. When water is required, oxidation of fats takes place which releases energy and water is produced as a by-product.

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both fat n water for emergency thats why he is able 2 survive in the desert for long even without water....
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we hv to choose one only khyati 
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it also store food so y not 2nd option 
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2) I guess!
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definitely option two... camels do not store water in their humps...itis just a myth read this ....

  • Composed of fibrous tissue and fat.
    • When fat is metabolised, it acts as a source of energy.
    • Concentration of body fat in humps is advantage in hot climate
      • Minimises its presence throughout the rest of body
      • This reduces heat-trapping that occurs with insulating layers of fat.
  • Available nutrition determines size and shape - humps nearly disappear with starvation.
  • Not used for water storage.
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