Can a body have zero velocity and still acceleration? give examples,Please answer by 7:30 pm today

Yes, a body can have acceleration without a velocity. Example: When a body is projected vertically upwards with some velocity then it reaches a certain height. At the maximum height the velocity of the body is zero but its acceleration is towards the center of the earth

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Yes. When a ball is thrown vetrically upwards, then at the topmost point it has zero velocity but acceleration is non-zero and is equal to g = 9.8 m/s

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A thrown ball moving directly upward.At the highest pooint of its trajectory, the instantaneous veilocity is zero while the acceleration due to gravity remains non zero

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Yes this is possible for a body to have zero velocity but non-zero acceleration but this will bepossible for a very small fraction of time. For example, consider the situation of throwing a ball upwards. When you throw a ball vertically with some initial velocity its velocity decreases due to the downward acceleration due to gravity. At maximum its velocity reduces to zero but it still has non-zero acceleration due to gravity because of which it tends to fall down.

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Yes. Throw a ball straight up. At its highest point, it stops to come back towards the earth, its velocity is zero -- but it has gravity's acceleration pulling it back down.


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I'll give one, you can think of others.

A ball, any ball reach its maximum height (like a golf ball). It has stopped rising so before falling it must have stopped. Gravity (in the form of an acceleration) hasn't stopped acting and it is non-zero. The ball must begin to fall. It has a zero velocity for that one split second.

You could say that about any race car that loses its grip on the tract and starts going the other way. At some point it was zero in the direction it was first going.

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formulae of velocity=displacement/time                     if the displacement is 0 then velocity would also be 0

and acceleration is v-u/t and initial and final velocity differs so a constant acceleration and 0 velocity

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