Can a circular magnet have poles?

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In a circular or disc-shaped magnet, the magnetic lines of force emerge from the flat faces of the magnet and wrap around the outer rim. The flat faces are the poles of the circular magnet.

Infact, magnetic monopoles do not exist in nature, in other words only one south/north pole do not exist. It is true for magnets of all shapes and size.

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yes a circular magnet can have poles

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All magnets have poles be it a circular or normal magnet.

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all magnets have two poles whether it has any shape

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hi suhaibmm, circular magents have poles . for this we can make an activity. tie a theread around a magnet and hang in a corck .when it stops rotating,have a compus with you. compus will show that the magnet pointing in which direction . if one end of the magnet is pionting towards north. it means that other end of the magnet is south.from this activity you can learn that every magnet has poles .circular magnet has poles. magnets are helpfull to us.

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 yes allmagenet have poles 

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yes it has  poles

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