‘Can a god given lineage ever be broken ?
a. Who is the speaker ?
b .Explain ‘god given lineage’ .
c .What lineage is followed by the speaker ?
d. What do the words tell you about the speaker ?

Please provide the answer to this RTC with reference to the chapter "Lost Spring"

Dear Student,
a. Mukesh's grandmother is the speaker.
b. God-given lineage refers to the imposition of ancestry in terms of occupation. She(Mukesh's grandmother) refers to the unshattered imposition of bangle-making on Mukesh, due to their family lineage of the same occupation. 
c. The lineage of bangle making is followed by the speaker.
d. Mukesh's grandmother has seen her husband go blind because of bangle making. She believes that it is her as well as Mukesh's destiny to be working as bangle-markers. She lacks even a tinge of hope, she is not ambitious any more and has become complaisant to the conditions of her fate. She is unwilling to allow Mukesh to work in a garage. 

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