Can all food crops be cash crops? Are cash crops and commercial crops the same thing?

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a. All food crops may be referred as cash crops as they are edible and can be sold in the market for profit.
b. For instance,  food crops like carrot ,rice, wheat which are sold in the market for profit can be termed as cash crops.
c. However, all cash crops cannot be referred as food crops as some crops  are not edible  and cannot be eaten like cotton.
d. Cash crops and commercial crops are same, as they are meant to be sold in the market. Example wheat, rice etc.


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. Cash crops are the crops cultivated for commercial purposes . Food crops can be or cannot be cash crops depending on their purpose. if the food crops are cultivated with the aim of self feeding or community feeding,it will not be a cash crop while if the crops are cultivated with an aim to make profit it becomes a conmercial crop.
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