Can any body give 15-20 sentences for transformation of sentences and synthesis of sentences which may help me for my exams.. Plz as fast as possible

Dear Student

Sentences for synthesis:-
  • He jumped up. He ran away
  • This is my friend. His name is Rama.
  • I have some duties. I must perform them.
  • He is very fat. He can not run.
  • The sun set. The boys had not finished the game.
Sentences for transformation:-
  •  If you don't practise piano everyday, you won't improve. ( Start with You won't improve.....)
  • Steven Spielberg directed Jurassic Park. ( Start with Jurassic Park......)
  • Was he not a villain to do such a deed? (Change into assertive sentence)
  • I never forget those happy days. (Change into interrogative sentence)
  • How beautiful is this night! (Change into assertive sentence)

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convert these following
1. He reads the newspaper daily.(simple past tense)
2. There lived a mighty king in huge place.(present perfect tense)
3. The boy will not have left by evening.(present continuos)
4. She will have been writing.(past perfect continuos)
​5.  He should have been eaten the apple. (present perfect continuos)
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