Can anyone explain me the story of omprakash valmiki's I cannot understand

Dear student,

a. In his autobiography,  Jhoothan,  Om   Prakash   shares his experiences as a  Dalit   Boy. 
b. How he was ridiculed in the school, in the classroom by his teacher, in the society. 
c. He shares his experiences of how he became victim of the caste system.   Om Prakash narrates his ordeal in the school, how he is beaten by his teacher with no reason. 
d. His story shows the determination of his father who confronted the teacher, the system ,the society. 
e. It shows how dalits  are treated unequally in the society. 
f. How the lower caste become victims of discrimination with a huge blow to their dignity and self respect. 
g. Most importantly, how the lower caste have been denied basic values of freedom, equality, justice and fairness.


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