can anyone give the summary of swamy and friends by r k narayan

please answer. this is not of any chapter or is an oustide textbook question.but i have selected one subject.but dont mind the subject.

swami is a ten year old, and life for him consists mainly of having adventures with his friends, avoiding the misery of homework, and coping as best as he can with the teachers and other adults he encounters. His greatest passion is the M.C.C- Malgudi Cricket club- which he founds together with his friends, his greatest day is when the examinations are over and school breaks up - a time to reverly and cheerful riotousness. But the innocent and impulsive swami lands in trouble when he is carried away by the more serious unrest in India 1930. Somehow he gets himself expelled from two schools in sucession, and when things have gone quite out of hand he is forced to run away from home.... and atlast returns.....

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