Can anyone help to learn the periodic table very easily and nicely. I wants some trics about how to learn the periodic table very quickly and nicely.

Download periodic table app from play store it will easy to learn.
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I know periodic table is very difficult to learn but still we have to learn it first try to remember the names then at very first time learn 10 names and revise it for 3-4 days then after 3-4 days learn another 10 names and revise it for 3-4 days then revise those 20 names which u have already learnt atleast for 5 days then learn 10 names more and revise it for 3-4 days now u have learnt the 30 names revise it for 15 minutes everyday so that u will never forget and as we know that in periodic table first 30 names are important and usually used everywhere and if u want to learn the full table then do the same process as mentioned above..
Hope this will help u to learn ur table all the best u can do it .....
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Hear the periodic table song from Youtube.
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learn it day by day 
first in the morning you can read a small amount of elements and try remember it 
like this you can do this day after day 
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find LCM HCF LCM is equal to 12 and a b equal to 1800
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These are some short methods to learn the elements of group 1,2,13 to 18

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