Can anyone please solve the question no. 37

Can anyone please solve the question no. 37 450 and the angle of depression of its foot is 150. Find the height of the monument. The angle Of elevation of the top of an unfinished tower at a point distant 120m from its base is 450. How much higher must the tower be raised so that its angle of elevation at the same point may be 600? In the adjoining figure, the shadow of a vertical tower on the level ground increases by 10 m, when the altitude of the sun changes from 450 to 300. Find the height of the tower and give your (2002) answer, correct to — of a metre. 10 An aircraft is flying at a constant height with a speed of 360 km/h. From a point on the ground, the angle of elevation of the aircraft at an instant was observed to be 450. After 20 seconds, the angle of elevation was observed to be 300. Determine the height at which the aircraft is flying (use = 1•732).

Dear student,In ABC,hx = tan45h = x------------(1)In ABD,hx+10 = tan30h 3= x+10 = h + 10 ----{using (1)}h = 10(3 +1)2= 5(3 +1)h = 5(1.73+ 1) = 13.65 mHeight of tower = 13.65 mRegards

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