Can anyone please tell me the adjectives for the character sketch of Hari Singh

Dear Student

Hari Singh was a small time thief. His real name was not Hari Singh. He kept on changing names to escape from police. His modus operandi was that he earned the trust of people and then robbed them and fled. When he saw Anil he thought of robbing him and hence, approached him and asked for work. Anil, being a simple person let him work and even started teaching him how to cook. Hari Singh was delighted when Anil started teaching him to write as he planned to rob on a larger scale. Hari stole little money daily when he went to buy the daily groceries and one day when he got a chance he stole money from Anil and ran away. But at the station he had a change of heart and came back. He was happy and contented to live with Anil. 


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