can anyone tell me the factors that inspired amelia earhart to become an aviator and the difficulties she faced?

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Amelia Earhart as a child was kind of a tomboy, who was mostly interested in outdoor games. She possessed a spirit of adventure. Because of her father's job she was able to witness her first aircraft at the age of 10. She was encouraged by her father to fly in the aircraft, but she refused. With the help of her uncle when she was a child, she was able to fashion her own aircraft from wood, she tired to fly it and the flight crashed dramatically, though she was slightly bruised. The experience exhilarated her and she was overjoyed to have been able to fly.

When she grew up she visited an air field with her father and rode in a plane and that first real ride in the flight completely changed her perception towards flying and she was determined to learn flying. 

Amelia Earhart trained to fly under rough conditions. She was unable to continue with her flying lessons midway because of financial problems. But, later on in her life she managed to keep up with her flying practise.

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