Can anyone wite a small speech on "Internet affects creativity".Against the motion.

We recommend you to develop such answers using your own ideas. However, you may consider the following points:


- provides us with the opportunity to showcase our creativity

- gives us knowledge about things that help us to develop our talents

- we can interact with people with same interest as ours

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I can just give you some ideas/points.

  • today most of the children don't think on their own most of them search on the internet for projects or for getting ideas.
  • sometimes they don't understand the concept clearly while searching on the internet, and may make some mistakes.
  • they become less creative as they get everything ready-made on the internet. 

You may expand these points and give some kind of extra examples etc.

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Also the positive side is that the new ideas and information is benefitial for us and we do something new from the idea

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