Can commerce students without maths go for actuarial studies and CA (any1) ??Also can you please suggest some really good and high profile job careers in commerce field without maths??


A student with commerce background without math cannot apply for actuarial sciences as mathematics is a compulsory requirement in XIIth class. However, he/she can opt for CA by giving the entrance exam where he/she will have to study math at the entrance level.

Also, commerce students (without math) can go for many sought after professional courses such as Company Secretary (CS), Cost Accountancy (CWA/CMA), Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA), Chartered Financial Analyst, etc. However, in all these courses, he/she will have to study mathematics at the entrance level.

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Such a student can opt for CA, but for its enterance he has prepare for maths exam too. It includes Class XI and Class XII maths.


Well, i don't know about the requirement for Acturial Science, but that its almost entirely based on higher statistics. Only if you have deep interest and understanding of your maths and statistics syllabus, then only you should consider this option.

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