can i have  detailed explanation for the poem Summer Sun by R.L.Stevenson

Summer Sun" is a perfect example of the use of a literary technique called "personification," in which a poet's words bring an inanimate object to life. In the poem, we can imagine the sun as a sort of big, cheerful, oaf of a fellow, who is always barging in. He seems to mean well, and is a likeable sort of guy, so we gladly put up with him. Indeed, we thoroughly enjoy his sparkling personality!
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How does the sun ‘paint the rose’?
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What does the poet means by the line ( Great is the sun , and wide he goes . )

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summary of summer sun
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What is your class and section
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Can I get the summary of the poem the summer sun
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Summary of full peom
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Summer sun
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To please the child, to paint the rose,
The gardener of the World, he goes.

1. How does the Sun please children?
2. How does the Sun 'paint' roses?
3.  Why does the poet call the Sun 'the gardener of the World'?
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give examples from the poem to show that the sun's rays fall everywhere and after all
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Pretty sweet
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Summer sun poem for class 6 question and answers
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Summary of the poem
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Robert Louis Stevenson is best known for writing the books Treasure Islandand The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, but he was also a great poet who wrote about almost everything. With the summer in full swing all over America, this poem about the summer sun is a sweet little meditation on the ruler of the daytime:I just love the simple imagery of this poem, especially the idea of his “golden fingers” slipping through the blinds. The sun is always there! He’s just up in the sky, relaxing, giving light and life to the world. Just lovely.
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Full summary of the poem Summer Sun
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