Can I have the similarities and dissimilarities of the two poems "Road not taken" and "The Brook"? Thumbs up will be given to the one giving an appropriate answer.

Similarities between both the poems 'Road not Taken' and 'The Brook' are:

  • Both the poems draws a parallelism between them and the paths taken by human beings in their lives.

  • Both have natural elements describing the paths or the journeys respectively.

Points of dissimilarities between both the poems are:

  • The Brook talks about human lives coming to end as opposed to the brook's flow which lasts forever. However, unlike that, the Road not Taken talks about the difficult choices a human being has to make in his lifetime in order to achieve success.

  • The brook flows assured of meeting the brimming river at the end. However, the road taken by the poet seems to be endless now, without any success in sight, unexplored and unknown.

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dissimilarities  the brook : it is compares as a living thing

Road not taken :it is not compared as living thing

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