Can MPS be negative? 

MPS can never be -ve b'coz it lies b/w 0 & 1

MPS + MPC =1

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no, because mpc + mps = cannot be negative.

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no coz MPS is the ratio b/w change in savings and change in income which is always positive due to positive relationship b/w savings and income. Either both will increase or both will decrease which will give the net result as positive.

Also MPS = 1-MPC and MPC is always less than 1. So MPS is always positive.

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 mps is always positive and only aps can be positive zero or even negative 

for futher reference go to the study material of meritnation

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No! Mps ALWAYS lies between 0 to1

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Icy up
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The value of MPS can never be negative. It varies between 0 and 1.
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