Can plz ans the 2 & 3no. Questions?

Can plz ans the 2 & 3no. Questions? , wh.t i. meant by O Answer in one sentence l. What are the which the Government QVj. Think and answer : '-Farmer. go to the h.ats or the market.. within KM. Of their village. to Sell their goods using cart' or tractor•_ A major part o' the respon•'bility 'or making that these goods easily transported from fields to the nearest markets belong B. State Government. C. individual Citizens. D. Panchayats and Mu nicipalitiog. 2. n an absolute monarchy. the monarch rules as an autocrat. with absolute power over tho state and government. Th. ruler ig an absolute monarch. . A. Japan. B. Saudi Arabia. C. England. O. Cambodia. 3. is was a very advanced civilization Of the ancient period. The people were famous for many inventions. They developed a writing system called Hieroglyphs that combined pictures and symbols.Name the civilization. A. Egyptian. B. Mesopotamian. C. Chinese. D. Harappan. 4. Which among the following Indus cities was known for management? A. Lothal

2. B (Saudi Arabia)
3. A (Egyptian)

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Answer2- c.England
             3 - a.Egyptian
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ans.= 2. ENGLAND
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