can some one please send me the format for article writing and also help me write an article on 'teenagers and their gizmo world'. I would really appreciate if the expert team would answer this question. thanks in advance.

Dear Student,
This is a creativity-based question which should be attempted on your own. You can refer to the following points for framing your answer:
  • Technology has become an inherent part of our lives- we cannot fathom a world anymore where there are no electronic devices. 
  • Teenagers today are more adept at understanding the complexities of technology than the simple formulas of Maths and Science.
  • They are surrounded by gadgets and their familiarity with its functioning and software is remarkable. 
  • This also has a negative effect- Their gadgets take up so much of their time that they hardly have any time to do any outdoor activities.
  • This takes a toll on their health and is detrimental for their social and communication skills.
The format of Article Writing, along with an example, is as follows:

Hope this clears your doubt about "Article Writing".
If there are any more doubts, you can get back to us here, on this forum and our experts will help you as soon as possible. 

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There is a headline and a by line
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