Can someone help me complete exercise 3

Can someone help me complete exercise 3 Exercise 3. The passage below describes a strange dream vou last Peæite the passage putting the verbs in the correct form or the past tense. ether umpie past or past mntinuous: R (be) just past midnight. The train (run) fast but smoothly. It had V.anour behind and (head) towards Patna. Most Of the passengers (sleep). An qentieman the beads and (mumble) a prayer. A young lady (reading) a novel. over the events of the day when i (suddenly hear) a loud blast. The train (shoe', but (not get) derailed. It (be) a real narrow escape. Exerese 4. A burglary took place in the house of Mr Santokh Singh at about II o.m. 'b•xüy. Next morning, a police inspector visited the house and summoned Mr Santo"' senqr ø+e, his elder son and daughter-in-law, his younger son, who iS a student, the ctn. and the street watchman. He wanted to know what they were doing at the orne t- 'Gary took place. Complete the dialogue on the lines suggested below: (for oral pract" What

Dear student
It was past...the train was running fast...and heading towards..... passengers were asleep..held the beads and was mumbling a prayer...was reading..I was mentally going over... suddenly heard ... shook .. but it didn't get derailed.. It was a real narrow escape.

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