Can someone plzz send me the muhavare for class 10th that are given in the chapters !

have the exam tomorrow !! :-/ :(

plzz its urgent..

Me 2 have Exam 2mmrw...!!

And I have some Idoms in Hindi

Please Tumbs Up

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Help me out in this one please - अव्यय का अर्थ स्पष्ट करें?  बसंत ऋतु सुहावनी होती है |

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@Ashi thanx a lot ! :) 

but i need the idioms from the chapter..

n i didnt get your question.. :-/ 

what exactly we need to do ?!

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अव्यय का अर्थ स्पष्ट करें? Avyay is used in padparichey 'n' sorry to say I dn't have Muhavre, in Course B only Iodms will be covered..!!

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read the textbook
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also there are many in golden guide class 10 hindi-b
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refer the previous year frequently asked muhavares

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GO TO and check last year paper
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Buy U like
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hato ke tote udana

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