can there be development without the overuse of groundwater

Yes it is possible to have development without overuse. This is possible if we practice sustainable development which involves using of resources judiciously. For example- Groundwater resources are overused in India especially in the agriculturally active areas like Punjab and Haryana. Instead of using groundwater resources for irrigation, sprinklers can be used. Even rainwater harvesting can help and conserve water. Such methods if practiced properly will probably save enough for the future as well.

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yes if we overuse resources they may help us for short time but when they get deplited we dont have any resource to use as development so wisely use of resources is important. if we continuously use ground water water one day it will get wanished and we will left behind with no water and water is essential for human if there is no water no human and no human meams no development. overuse can also affect ecological balance.

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