can u give examples for transitive verbs?

  • You lifted the bag. ("bag" is the direct object of "lifted")
  • I punished you. ("you" is the direct object of "punished")
  • I gave you the book. ("book" is the direct object, and "you" is the non-prepositional indirect object of "give")
  • John traded his apple and Jane's orange with her. ("his apple and Jane's orange" is the object of "traded", but "with her" is not)
  • I ate the pie. ("pie" is an object of "ate")
  • I tried on the shoes. ("shoes" is an object of "tried")
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give examples of transitive verbs

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The boys are playing football
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1)You found him
2)He picked it up
3)He dipped his finger in milk
4)The fawn sucked his finger
5)He lowered his finger slowly into the milk
6)The fawn lifted its nose

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examples of transtive verb

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