Can u give me the summary of the story 'Should Wizard Hit Mommy?' I m very confused with this chapter..

The story is very simple. here there is family with a father named jack his wife Clare and there 2 children's JO and BOBBY..clare was expecting their 3 rd child.when it came to bed time story, you could always see jack in the bed wit the little girl of 4 year telling story.but the prob was jack used to say the ditto stories to joe i.e story of roger:a creature who suffers loneliness in the forest because it suffers from some disability.the only difference in the story was that the creature roger was sometimes a dog or a cat or chipmunk and so the base story was the same.for ur better understanding here is a story roger was a creature he has the disability of blindness,lameness and so on..for a changed 1 day jack changed the story a bit.. it was that roger the creature was skunk; with the disability of bad smell.. so the same story roger skunk faced problem of loneliness and no friends..a wise owl of their forest suggested the roger skunk to go to wizard so that wizard may help the little creature some roger skunk goes to the wizard nd the wizard changes the stinking smell into the smell of rose..roger was now very happy.he goes to his friends.and his friends now played with him.he was very happy..After playing he goes to his mom and dad to say this good news.but when he says this to his mother, roger skunk's mother was very upset.she explains the little 1 that his parents loved him the way he was.. so now roger skunk and his mother went to the wizard and there roger's mother hit the wizard wit her umbrella.joe had a bad habbit of asking her father the qst in the middel..middel of the story..jack used to stop the little girl..jack made emotions by his the story took an end the wizard gave back the bad smell to roger skunk.. but this end did not made Jo happpy.she wanted the wizard to hit roger skunk's as her father was not abel to make new stories at that moment she was being told to sleep..   
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