can u give me the theme and plot of the poem' the tale of melon city '

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'The Tale of the Melon City' by Vikram Seth is a satirical poem on the absurdity of rulers which affect society. It also comments on the farce notion of justice in a monarchy.
The poem draws the history of the Melon City. Once this city had a 'just and placid' King who built an arch to impress his people. On the day of the inspection, he rode under the arch. The low arch stuck his head and the King lost his crown. He was furious and ordered the chief of builders to be hanged. The chief blamed the workmen who instead blamed the brick mason. The masons shifted the blame to the architect who instead blamed the King who had amended the original plan. The wisest man in the country advised the king to hang his crown but one of his councillor rejected the notion of hanging something which has touched the King's head. The crowd was growing restless and he King perceiving the mood ordered every man to be measured with the noose. The noose was high and only one man fit, the King. Hence, the King was hanged due to his own royal decree. For the enthronement of the next King it was decided that the person who passed the City Gate first would choose the next monarch. An idiot passed the gate and he spontaneously announced that a melon would be the new king. Consequently, the ministers crowned a melon and placed the Melon King reverently on the throne. 

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