can u make me a story for hw  i have been trying to make this but cant get any idea what lines to use so here is the question

u have been given   opening middle and ending of a story use them to create a story fell free to use characters when necessary 

1. Opening- An orphan runs away from an orphanage.
2.Middle- Is nearly caught  by police for theft.Rescued and adopted by a kind gentleman.
3.Ending_ He wins 'Best Police Inspector' award from the President.

Dear Student,

Such questions are made for enhancing the self creative skills and should be tried
answering on your own. However, here are a few points that will help you in framing
your answer:

-A story is a narration of a set of fictitious events 
- Here, the set of events has already been provided in the question
- It is desirable if your story  conveys a  moral message
- For the above question think on the lines of " Hate drives men to immoral deeds".  In this case theft is the immoral deed.  However, love resurrects him . Despite early hardships , once he is adopted by a gentle men he grows up to be a police officer  
- Another alternative moral can be  " Man is shaped by the circumstances he faces "
- Your story should have a central plot.
- The moral angle provided above can be your central plot.
- You should incorporate sub plots in your story.
1. The boy loses his parents to a terror attack at a very early age
2.His immediate or near family members refused to take care of him.  
3. They sent him to a orphanage
3.The warden of the orphanage gulped all money of the orphanage and forced inmates to survive even without providing bare minimums.
4. The Orphan boy runs away.
5.  Hunger forces him to steel.
6. One day he was caught by a noble police officer. He realised the pitiable condition of the boy and adopted him.
7. He provided him with education.
8.  He cleared the IPS exam.
9. He was posted to the 'Anti Terrorism' squad.
10. He foiled a terror attack
11. He was awarded the best Officer by the Government
12. He received his prize from the President 

- You should introduce various characters in your story.
- Your story should have a central character i.e the protagonist . He is the one around whom the story revolves . Here, the orphan boy is the protagonist.
- The supporting characters can be  :- 1.the warden of the orphanage, 2. shop owner from whom he steels ( assume bread ), 3. The police officer who rescues and later adopts
- You should name your characters


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