can u please help me in debate of topic"border disputes thwart the friendly relation between the neighboring countries

Border disputes thwart the friendly relations between the neighbouring countries:

-continuous border disputes creates vitiates the atmosphere of cordial relations between neighbouring countries and carries a potential threat to the stability of the entire geopolitical region
-more resources are allocated for maintaining an army on stand-by rather than focusing talks on mutual development and economic benefits. 
-territorial disputes tend to fester and give rise to authoritarian governments who take up the responsibility of dictating to their people in the name of political protectionism
-territorial claims lead to violent conflicts which would not have been so if these had been peacefully managed and negotiated on the table
-countries cannot function or focus properly if there is a constant threat of war or continuous aggression from its neighbour. Political stability is crucial to the development of any country and instability is detrimental to its growth.

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