can we change a transitive verb to intransitive verb  if yes then please explain it to me clearly and in a easy method

There is no as such universal rule followed for converting transitive verb to intransitive verbs. However, sometimes, a few transitive verbs can be used as intransitive verbs. For instance,

  • He broke the glass – The vase broke

  • They burnt the logs – They burnt with shame

  • Stop her from going there – They shall stop here before moving further


There are times when intransitive verbs are used as transitives. When an intransitive verb is used in a causative sense it becomes transitive. Instances of the same are:

  • The girl walks – She walks the donkey

  • The kid ran down the street – He ran the business

  • Birds fly – The boys fly kites all day.

Some intransitive verbs may become transitive by having a preposition added to them, such as:

  • All the big boys laughed at him

  • They asked for his name

  • I could wish for nothing more

  • Please look into the matter

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