Can you give me a letter of complaint on i subscribed to a television cable service a month ago.the telecast is blurry and the signal is often interrupted. Write a letter of complaint

Dear Student, 
Kindly follow the prescribed format of complaint letter and write the following content:‚Äč
  • Since a month I enjoyed a reliable cable connection and excellent programming from our cable company.
  • However, its been only a month and the telecast is blurry and the signal is often interrupted.
  • Due to this we are not able to enjoy our favourite shows. 
  • My friends came over for a movie on Sunday but the signal was so poor that they had to return home. This is unacceptable. 
  • Kindly fix the problem as soon as possible or else I would like to be compensated for such a poor service.
  • Also, I wish to receive some assurance that such problem would not occur in future. 
  • I hope that I will not be compelled to switch to some other cable operator.
  • Please take the necessary measures to fix this issue. 
Hope this information will clear your doubts about this topic. 

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