Can you give me key points for debate?

Topic: Are children too dependent on computers?

For and against this topic.

Here are some points on the mentioned topic:

For the motion-

  • It is difficult to imagine a world without computers today.
  • Many children are too dependent on computers- be it for studies or for entertainment.
  • Computer (in the form of Internet) is a great tool for learning.
  • It is a storehouse of information.
  • It is used by children to gain valuable information in subjects like math, science, economics and literature.
  • Children depend on computers for entertainment in the form of games, online comics and books.
  • Children depend too much on social networking sites to stay in touch with their friends.

Against the motion-

  • It is not completely true that all the children are completely dependent on computers for learning and entertainment.
  • Many children still enjoy outdoor games and activities much better than video games and other online games.
  • Many children prefer reading and learning from the traditional sources such as textbooks rather than learning from online books.

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Yes they are very dependent as they spend all their time at home in playing games, on facebook, etc


It will be wrong to say on the other hand that all of them do so because many students use computers to improve their knowledge

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it may be you itself as an example of a child who is dependent on computer for his study matter.

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yes we children are totally dependent on computer as we can get lot of knoweledge can refresh ourselves our schools keep record of the students in computer and many other points...

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