can you give me the formulas for how to change all tenses into passive voice ?

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Following are the rules of changing tenses to passive voice:-
  • Simple Present- is/am/are+ verb 3rd form
  • Present Continuous- is/am/are+ being + verb 3rd form
  • Present perfect- has/have+ been+ verb 3rd form
  • Simple past- was/were+ verb 3rd form
  • Past Continuous- was/were+ being + verb 3rd form
  • Past Perfect- had+ been+ verb 3rd form
  • Simple Future- will+ be+ verb 3rd form
  • Future perfect- will+ have+ been+ verb 3rd form
The following tenses cannot be changed into passive voice:-
  • Present Perfect Continuous
  • Past perfect continuous
  • Future Continuous
  • Future perfect continuous
  • Sentence having intransitive verbs


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The following  cannot be changed into passive voice.

  1. Present perfect continuous tense
  2. Past perfect continuous tense
  3. Future continuous tense
  4. Future perfect continuous tense
  5. Sentence having Intransitive verbs
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