Can! You help. Me in Q. 8,9,10,11,12,13

Can! You help. Me in Q. 8,9,10,11,12,13 EXERCISE -5A atomicity of volume Of the same rature and the gaseous formed of 'he was burnt with Calculate the volume of unused oxygen and the volu,ne of carbon dioxide formed . 2C,H6 + 702 4C02 + 61420 9. What volume of oxygen at STP is required to affect combustion of II litres of ethylene at 2730C and 380 mm of Hg pressure? + 302 -9 2C02 + 2H20 10. Calculate the volume of HCI gas formed and chlorirz gas required when 40 mL of methane reacts completely with chlorine at STP. CH. + 202 —i + 2HC1 11. What volume of propane is bumt for every 5") cm3 air used in the reaction under the same conditions 2 (Assuming oxygen is 115th of air) (201', c,H8 + 502 3C02 + 4H20 12- 450 cm3 of nitrogen monoxide and 200 cm) of oxygen 13. 14. mixed together and ignited, Calculate the composition Of resuJung mixture. 2N0 + 02 —i 2N02 If 6 litres of hydrogen and 4 litres of and exploded and if water is added to the gases find the volurne of the residual gas. Arnuumia may be oxidised to nitrogen •a of a catalyst according to folh»wtøg 4NH, + 502 4N0 6H20

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