Can you make a vaccination mentioning all types vaccination given to a child age group of 0to 13 and mentioning all the diseases

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S.l No Age Disease Vaccination
1 At birth Hepatitis B Hep B vaccine I
2 At birth Polio Oral PV O dose
3 Birth to 6 week Tuberculosis BCG
4 4 to 6 weeks Hepatitis B Hep B vaccine II
5 6 weeks Diphtheria, Pertussis ,Tetanus, Polio DPT-1, OPV -1
6 10 weeks Tetanus, Polio, Hepatitis B DPT-2, OPV-2, HEP B vaccine III
7 14 weeks Diphtheria,Pertussis,Tetanus,Polio DPT-3,OPV-3,HEP B vaccine IV
8 24 weeks Hepatitis B HEP B vaccine III
9 9-12 months Polio, Measles OPV-IV, measles
10 15-18 months Mumps, Measles, Rubella MMR
11 18 months Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus,Polio DPT BOOSTER -1,OPV 5
12 24 months Typhoid Typhoid
13 4-6 years Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus, Polio DPT BOOSTER-2, OPV-6
14 7- 10 years Haemophilus influenzae type B infection Hib vaccine
15 11-12 years Diptheria, Pertussis, Tetanus, Human papillomavirus infections DPT, HPV

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