can you please give jumbled sentences questions about 25.

plzz write proper question
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1.largest bird/is the/the ostrich/in the world
2. for it/it is/that it is/to fly/so big/impossible
3. can run/race horses/ostriches/as fast as
4. in dry parts/Africa/ostriches live/of
5. made from/in China,/paper-mache/dolls are
6. made of/children played/corn husks/in early America/with dolls
7. are available/all kinds/now-a-days/of dolls
8. that can/there are/mechanical dolls/walk and talk
9. the sun/of all/primary source/our energy/is the
10. from the sun/solar energy/is called/energy derived
11. other forms of energy/for mankind/it can/also be converted into/to do work
12. and sound energy/of energy/there are/like/nuclear energy/other forms
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