can you please give me the difference between simple, compound and complex sentences as well as positive/negative, comparative and superlative sentences

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It would be impossible to describe all the topics in this answer. Kindly post the last part of the question in a new and separate thread.

Simple sentence - A simple sentence will have a single subject and a predicate.
Example - The boy (subject) is playing (predicate)

Compound sentence - A sentence that contains more than one subject or predicate. It may have two independent clauses that may separate by a punctuation mark such as a comma.
Example - Everyone was sleeping, so I went to the mall alone.
Jane painted the house; Mathew decorated it.

Complex sentence - A sentence that may contain subordinate clause or clauses. In most cases, it has a dependent clause as well as an independent clause.
Example - Although he was very poor, he was satisfied in life.

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