can you please show me a short paragraph on recalling my winning moment?

Such questions need to be attempted on your own to test your creative writing skills. However, these points might help you elaborate:
- The best moment of my life was perhaps when I won the Elocution competition in school.

- I had recited a paragraph by the great thinker Vivekananda.

- I got a standing ovation after I finished speaking.

- When the results were announced, the audience shouted my name for the first prize.

- The teachers and students praised the way I had delivered the speech.

- I felt very happy and proud of myself.

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this is it-

I remember an incident, an incident of my glory. That was in my three legged race. My best friend -------------- was ready and we started running, I closed my eyes and when we had the trophy in our hands I don't even remember. we were handled a certificate with a glorious and shiny gold medal. This was not the first time that I was getting an award but the first time I got an award with my friend. My parents made my favourite dish and we ate popcorn while watching my favourite movie on T.V. Finally I slept and dreamt that glorious moment once again.

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thanks a lot sir

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